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About Us

Lumen Informatics is an Organic Organization which has evolved over innovative ideas, instilled over a spectrum of challenges encountered with today”s changing world of Information Technology.   with over two decades of time-tested experience from clients across the globe. As a global player software development and staffing solutions provider headquartered in India and USA, It employs professionals across the globe.

We provide high quality & cost-effective solutions that help you to leverage Information Technology, empowering you improve your competitive edge through improved services to our clients. Based on the three creeds ‘Initiate. Innovate. Articulate’ we help transcend your businesses and organizations delivering turn key Digital Innovation, Product Innovation, and articulate changes in par with changing business demands.



With mindset to initiate change powered with technology talent and hard work seamlessly put to effective and efficient use. Our highly dedicated IT professionals who are our greatest asset. Results in turn-key solution with innovation and transformation, we encourage innovation, with a total focus on implementing them with leading-edge of technological and creative application and exposure. We thrive to give our clients top notch and exclusive experience which is inclusive of them.


With a desire to innovate, empowered with a tailored made solutions, we believe in one-size never fits all with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can help you achieve an attain your organizational goal with the time and cost parameter in consideration with no compromise in quality deliverables. Our methodologies of services delivered are on defined, repeatable operational procedures ensure service level reliability. From business continuity and disaster recovery services, we always put process before profit.


With foresight to articulate our innovation, applied synchronously with emerging technology has delivered turnkey solutions which were deemed impossible. Our assets being organically grown talent, has time and again achieved feats that make us bow in pride. – We boldly stand to say “You let us know we will make it happen”.

We at Lumen Informatics thrive to be your only solution to all of your needs regarding emerging technologies of today. Our focus is to guide people and help their organizations to achieve their goals with competitive edge in today tech savvy world. We are constantly connected with hands on professionals around the world to provide our clients with top notch professional resources and which includes fresh talents. Lumen Informatics has experience in the solutions, services parallels and can source the effective and efficient resources that are tailored to meet your need.

We at Lumen Informatics take our mission with utmost seriousness, with our innovative team of highly technical software development professionals and dynamic talent sourcing professional and inhouse talent we would like to engage in providing turn-key solutions with emerging technologies and source the best talent to suffix your need, we train fresh talent with instilled best practices to cater to your custom needs and evolve as per your organizational needs. We always excel in providing quality resource time and again. we assure an incredible experience for our customers and promise to grow together.

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