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We have delivery methodologies for agile and waterfall models and SDLC deliveries. If you are wondering how to choose an SDLC project model, know that the agile approach is best suitable with original projects and undefined needs, particularly startups, which can help from the flexibility of this method. On the other hand, the waterfall is the easiest option for SDLC. The waterfall is greatest used for small projects with openly defined needs.

Software development models selected for projects are based on several aspects. These are The level of technology required, the business desires, and the time and financial plan of the SDLC process. Therefore, to make an up-to-date choice, we have the software developer familiar with all the SDLC methods. Then you can decide which one is best for the nearest project.

Embracing agile is more than just adopting agile practices or building an agile culture. The most important thing is to use an agile approach to drive better business results. The journey towards great business youth begins by identifying the most important outcomes for your company's success. Agile adoption is all about team building, building backlogs, and constantly producing performance product testing tests. The change is about systematically removing barriers to making that happen.

External software product development has captured the global business idea. Gone are the days when the basic power of a software vendor was able to build products. Today, successful software companies are the ones that respond most quickly to changing market conditions. Therefore, they need to deliver high-quality export products at a low price that satisfies customer needs.

Lumen informatics External product production solutions aim to speed up the development of your software products, reduce marketing time, help create predictable schedules for better-managed resources, unpredictable costs, and reduce market and technological risks.

We help unlock future opportunities through collaborative moments and help design a targeted approach with a clear delivery. Developing and using new energy can be intimidating. We help prioritize the road with clear actions and priorities. We help build a way to embrace change in the environment that can be associated with people, processes, or programs.

We maintain the quality of the software through continuous testing, from unit testing and code reviews by our engineers to performance, integration, compliance, and safety testing by our QA team. The right amount of automatic testing helps us speed up software delivery and reduce the number of undetected bugs.

We describe and evaluate risks related to project financial plan, distribution time, cyber security, innovative technologies. We then make a risk reduction strategy, recognize risks and report to project shareholders responsible for keeping all stakeholders learned of the risks involved with their provinces and ensuring compliance with disaster risk management actions.

Upon transfer of the project, our consumers obtain:

·         Unlock the key of the software.

·         Documents (practical and construction requirements).

·         Consumer manual.

·         Operation database.

·         Setting up and storage instructions.

·         Source code.

·         Service contract.

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